A Career In Animal Grooming

Is there demand?

There is a national shortage of good groomers, and plenty of work for someone with the right training. 

What are employers looking for?

We surveyed New Zealand’s Grooming Parlours to find out what they are looking for when it comes to hiring. As you’ll see from the following responses, thorough training and time spent getting experience are critical. 

Here’s what they told us:

Surveyed believe NZ does not have enough groomers to meet demand

Surveyed would prefer to hire staff who have completed a structured comprehensive grooming course.

Surveyed would prefer to hire groomers who are NZ trained.

What  our students say

Grooming Courses

Our four week courses run five days a week from 9am to 2.30pm and are designed for the absolute beginner onwards. We have four different course blocks including Beginners, Intermediate, Commercial and Advanced Blocks as described below. Each block is a four week course.

BLOCK 1 - Beginners

This is the foundation to your grooming career. This course teaches the basics of dog grooming such as washing, drying, brushing, fluffing, de-matting, basic clipping and scissoring. At the end of this course, you will be able to put out a nice tidy pet groom on many types of dogs.

BLOCK 2 - Intermediate

Following on from block one, students will also be introduced to patterned breeds in which each pure breed has its unique cut and finish to accentuate its features and provide the optimal health and maintenance requirements for that breed. These Students will work on patterned breeds such as schnauzers, poodles, terriers etc when they are available as well as improving their non patterned breeds.

BLOCK3 - Commercial

This block will increase your confidence with skills learned in blocks one and two but will also include knowledge on shortcuts, techniques for grooming multiple dogs, and time management skills in the parlour. There are also opportunities for those wishing to do hand stripping as a specialised add on to their skills.

BLOCK 4 - Advanced

Building on the previous blocks but with more focus on fine finish and scissor work as well as confidence gaining employment or setting up your own business.

Students are encouraged to attend 4 blocks but how few or how many you attend is up to you. These blocks can be taken together as one four-month course for those wanting to get very skilled in all the techniques from the beginning, or these blocks can be taken individually at any time to work in with your goals and budget. Those wishing to develop skills over time can be guided by Angela, our head tutor and owner of Angels Grooming Center, as she will help you formulate a strategy for your training that will suit your immediate and long term goals and budget with her many years of experience building and running a successful dog grooming business and helping others start successful dog grooming careers and businesses from scratch.

Being able to finish a groom in a timely manner and to a high standard is what will set you apart from non-trained groomers and set you on the road to a rewarding and varied career in dog grooming.

Our Tutors

Matilda NDGANZ


Matilda has been with Angels since 2007. Originally from the Netherlands, she began grooming in the early Matilda has been with Angels since 2007. Originally from the Netherlands, she began grooming in the early 80’s, after obtaining her Dutch grooming certificate, she then had her own grooming business from home. Matilda is now a Nationally Certified Master Groomer (NCMG), tutor in the Grooming Academy and exam judge. Matilda confidently grooms any breed or cross in any style, with hand stripping as her speciality. She also loves to groom cats!



Leanne joined our team in 2020, when we opened this new CHCH branch. She has been grooming for over 20 years and is a NZ Certified Master Groomer. She grooms both cats and dogs and is an absolute pro. Leanne is our tutor in the Academy & she is also a certifier for the Master Groomer Program through NDGANZ. She studied vet nursing & has spent many hours running in the dog training & agility fields. Leanne is an avid tramper and if you meet her out in the hills you will always see her tramping hairy besty Haze with her.

Jennifer NDGANZ


Jennifer joined the Angels Team after finishing top of her class at Angels Dog Grooming Academy in 2013. We are very proud to say that Jennifer is now a Nationally Certified Master Groomer (NCMG). Jennifer enjoys very aspect of grooming from washing and drying to scissor finishing. She believes she has the best job in the world & loves bringing out the unique personality of the dog in each completed groom.



Simon has been with us since 2017, he grooms dogs and cats and specialises in amazing scissor skills. Simon achieved very high marks on the practical exams when he become a NZ Master Groomer in 2019. He enjoys helping his students and peers to reach their highest potential. Simon is Bi-Lingual and travels to China to keep up to date with the latest training techniques and styles. His gentle and patient style makes him very popular amongst the students and pets of course.